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Why Buy Our Elk Antler Dog Treats for Your Dog?

Safe Chewing. Our Elk Antler Dog Treats help your dog engage in his or her natural instinct to chew without risk of swallowing harmful substances which can happen with plastic or rope toys.

A Meaty Middle. Elk Antler Dog Treats are full of bone marrow, which dogs consider quite the delicacy. Your dog will delight in chewing on the Elk Antler for hours-on-end as she works her way to the meaty middle!

All-Natural. Our Elk Antler Dog Treats are 100% all-natural. They contain no chemicals, bleaching, dyes or preservatives. Antlers are a perfect alternative for dogs with allergies.

An American Product. We buy our Elk Antler Dog Treats from United States elk farms, helping to support American ranchers (rather than overseas factories that make plastic toys).

No Animals Harmed. Our Elk Antler Dog Treats are naturally shed by elk every year (not obtained from meat processing), so no animals are hurt to bring your dog these natural chew treats.

Long-Lasting. Our Elk Antler Dog Treats provide hundreds of hours of enjoyment. They won't splinter or chip like bones. And they won't break like artificial toys.

Nutrient-Rich. Elk Antler Dog Treats are a natural source of a variety of essential nutrients including calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and glucosamine, which collectively help promote your dog's bones, teeth, coat and overall health.

Mess-Free and Odor-Free. Because Elk Antler Dog Treats don't splinter or chip, you don't have to worry about them leaving a mess around your home. And they are odor-free, unlike rawhides.

Buy the Perfect Size for Your Dog
We offer nine sizes so you are sure to find the perfect size for your dog.

Elk Antler Dog Chew Graph

*The Large, X-Large and Jumbo are available in full size, or cut in half. If you're not sure if your dog is up for all that chewing, try a cut antler first, in which the marrow is more easily accessible.

Use caution when offering your dog an Elk Antler Dog Treat. Make sure their activity is supervised and remove the antler when it gets small and the dog might try and swallow it. Always buy Elk Antler chews that are proportionate to your dog's body size.

Bird Chews
Beak care is critical for the overall health of your bird. Antlers provide natural calcium and minerals in your bird's diet and help keep their beak trimmed and sharp at the same time. Supplying a beak conditioner that functions as a chewing item and contains essential minerals, like calcium is a great idea. A mounting attachment is included for easy attachment to the cage.
Bird Perches
Birds love to grab the antler perches with their beaks and also peck and chew on them. You don't want your bird standing on a perch with the same diameter. Your bird's feet can become, sore, stiff and even arthritic from gripping the same size perch. Antler perches are all tapered down and the different sizes will exercise their

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